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I have lost a lot of sleep because I can’t stop playing this game.


Not bad. I like it.

Play for free

I love the stories and I’m glad I get to play for free. The tickets for the stories are available quicker than the other story games (Choices, Episodes, ect). It does still have the diamond concept of certain choices in the stories but you can also earn them for completing chapters, daily log ins, and some hidden choices in your story. I love that I don’t have to wait for long to continue reading a story. I hope this never changes

Best books ever

I have a couple book apps on my iPad but this is the best one I have found so far. It has the greatest books ever, and a bunch of different stories for different people..




They need to update faster but number one game so far🐥

Great stories, high prices

They have the best stories of these apps, but they also have the most times per chapter you have to pay to get a decent choice for the story.

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This is so great


It’s a great, fun game.

Love it

Awesome stories here!!


Love it


Stories are awesome, but they go by quick and we have to wait so long for another chapter,




Love the book

Inject me sweetly

Love it

Can't wait for the second book!

I love this game so much, in my opinion i prefer this one over episode, choices and other games similar to this. Gaining gems is easy, tickets don't take too long and when you log in they give you extra tickets. The stories are also my favorites from wattpad so bonus! Recently finished reading Zombies vs Aliens and am so sad it ended ))): but i'll continue to enjoy the other great stories!

One of the best story apps!

Just started this app and already love it!

Better before update

Before you could watch ads to get diamonds now you can’t. I liked it better before the update. Choices are too expensive without ad diamonds and lots of times the diamonds you are suppose to get at the end of a chapter freeze up and you don’t get those ones either. I also read a review that said if you replay a story now you loss the choices you have already picked...! I used to replay stories alot if I like the story to pick more premium choices, I guess I won’t do that anymore.

Fun but Frustrating

I decided to check out Chapters because an author I follow had her first book added. It is a fun way to be introduced to new stories. You can find most of the stories as books on Amazon or Wattpad for more detailed story telling. The choose your own adventure is fun and brings me back to my childhood. That being said, I am only giving this two stars due to it being extremely frustrating. First, you are limited on visual representation. You pretty much are always from a females point of view, and how that character looks in most stories is limited. Second, be prepared to dedicate a lot of space for the app. I have finished 10 books and it takes over 3.5GB of space. The more stories I finish the more room it takes up. Finally, there is the gem cost for premium choices. This one bugs me the most. It usually costs 17 gems or 12 for better or the more fun options. You can go through gems really fast too. I understand they are out to make money, but I play plenty of free to download with premium purchases and this app is making it impossible to enjoy without paying for gems and the cost for these gems is ridiculous. I have no issues watching advertisements in free to download games. They had a watch videos for free gems option that during their last update, seriously gimped it. Prior to the update, you could watch an unlimited amount when the videos weren't bugging out which sometimes they were, and save up gems, but now, it looks like you can only accrue 5 gems a day. Some chapters will have multiple gem chose sections. I had over 400 gems accrued at one point and got really into one of the stories that within just a few chapters had wiped out my gems. Most books have over 20 chapters. I frequently spend a dollar here and there on other games to move quicker past areas. The lowest premium cost is $1.99 for 20 gems, that will only cover one premium choice. $2 dollars for one choice. I'd be ok with $.99 but not paying $2. I can buy whole books on Amazon for that. I wish the premium costs instead of 17 and 12 gems, were 10 and 5. I have decided that the headache this app is giving me out ways the enjoyment. I am going to see about finding these stories in the published form instead.


Good game

Love it

I’ve only downloaded this a couple of days ago but I honestly can’t put it down. Out of all the games similar to this, I feel like I can just find myself lost in the stories a bit easier.

Great game

Love this game my favorite is spring at blueberry bay

Gems are a joke but everything else is okay

Makes me so mad if I save up or buy gems.. use them and then it does the other options anyways.. 😡 other than that it’s okay for what it is. Good when bored and want to pass time.


Good app

Nicely written!

Amazing books just wish some were longer. Would be nice to have more books as well.

Loving the chapters!❤️

Loved it!!!


Love this

Wish I could leave 5 stars

For the most part I love this app. The stories are the best I’ve read in comparison to similar apps. However I have major issues with the in story gem requirements. I have no issues when the option to spend gems appears for outfit selection or special events, but when the reader is forced to spend gems in order for the characters to tell the truth within the story, that’s wrong.

New Update & Gem Froze

New update but the free gem video watch is frozen & cannot be depressed. Can only earn free gems which is only one - after a chapter is finished. Please fix

By far, my favorite game

I wish there were more stories. I read them faster than you guys can release them. Some are better written than others, but for what they are, they are actually really very good. I do wish the sequel to Vampire Girl would release!! By far, the best of the stories so far.

Update messed my books up

I had finished a lot of books some of which I bought premium choices for, then I decided to restart a book I liked and finished. Before when I restarted books the diamond choices that I bought before I didn’t have to buy again. Then I updated the app, went back in the game and all of a sudden I need to buy choices that I had already bought before! Come on, diamond choices aren’t easy to get and now you take the ones I bought from me? I really loved this app but now I’m really mad and disappointed.

Nice storylines.

Great game but too expensive.

Great reads

Amazing reads with great story.

Absolutely Amazing

I am in love with this game!!! So much better than choices and episode. 10 out of 10!!!


This app is awesome!!!!!

Was better before update

I don’t know for it’s part of the update or a weird glitch, but It only allowed me to watch like 3 ads before disabling the free gems button. The games not worth it without gems and i ‘ll be damned if i spend any real money.


I love all the stories and how it ends however I wish they had a search or because u read this u would be interested in this book u know 😁but other than that it’s great

So good!!!

Very fun. Get lost in the storyline

Best one

I’ve tried a lot of story apps; episodes, choices, you name it. None are like this app. Thursday is my favorite day because of this app. It’s so addictive. The story are amazing. I don’t write reviews but this app deserves it. Good job guys 💯

Love it but

Love the stories but way to much diamonds on some part of the story choice cost more


These story’s are very descriptive! I’m hanging on to every word. Such an amazing read!

Great stories

Great way to pass sometime, the stories are usually interesting and well done.

Love it

Can’t stop reading this great story can’t wait to find out what happens next

Good Storylines

The storylines are great some words may have been missed but good nonetheless.. wish there was more interaction instead of just seeing faces pop up with the dialogue bubbles. Also wish there were some better choices that aren’t premium.


Why can’t we watch ads videos for diamond reward? Please fix.

No room to choose $$

It really stinks having no choices at all. Needing to pay for all the right choices. It’s frustrating. You can easily spend more on a choice. When purchasing a real book without choice but, more to read. Is way cheaper.


love this app!!


Good just wish I could get more gems for each chapter


Love having something to read before bed each night.

Awesome, but

I’m really enjoying the game and the stories, but I am getting a weird glitch where the hair of the character isn’t what I chose. Like in “the rake and recluse” the hair I chose in the beginning wasn’t at all the one that I chose myself and I just started “inject me sweetly” and the hair I chose was replaced with a ball cap in a disguise segment and hasn’t changed back. It’s a small detail, I know, but it bugs me. *okay the hair glitch is really annoying. Why not add an option to change the characters’ look while playing that some other story apps have? Or fix the glitch? I have no problems with the tickets, I can wait. Diamonds are okay, I personally don’t mind watching an ad to get free diamonds, that would be great actually. But glitches can be super annoying and ruin the immersion in the storytelling.

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