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I really love the stories.


It’s really entertaining and very detailed

Love it

Love the app some stories are a bit out there but most of them are great, depending on the story the writing can be a bit choppy but overall I love this app it keeps me entertained and I like that you can watch videos to earn extra diamonds

Best stories💕

Love the stories

Loved every story💕

These stories are really great and detailed and I just wanna say keep up the good work and writing. Love the fact you only have to wait a half an hour to get tickets!!! I really enjoyed all the fantasy stories especially!




Awesome app


I’ve only read a couple of stories so far but they’re fun! A little pricey since there are quite a few diamond choices and not enough diamonds earned in my opinion.

Too much money asked to be spent throughout the app

Too costly.


The game is good and the animations are even better. Just wish they had more clothes and hairstyles and skin tones to choose from.


A lot of people have been saying in their reviews that this is one of the best story apps out there, but to me it’s by far the worst. As an avid player of Choices and a writer, this game is boring and terribly written. I feel as if I’m reading a fan fiction written by someone who’s never left their house. For example, I read a story titled Calendar Girl (or something like that) and in the first two chapters all the MC did was talk about sex. The drama was unrealistic, and I get that it has to be slightly exaggerated to make it interesting, but it moves too fast. In the second chapter I had already ditched my family, and was living with a random guy. And the guy was supposed to be hot and sexy, but he just came off like a total creep. And yeah, you only have to wait half an hour for a ticket, but what’s the point of getting tickets fast when what you’re using them for isn’t worth it? And the diamond choices are awful - you barely skim the surface if you don’t want to pay. All in all, this game is horrible, and there is also zero diversity?? Don’t get this app, and whatever you do, do NOT spend money on it. It isn’t worth it.



Tickets are not working

I read that the tickets are fair but I only seem to earn them if I am in the app. Staying 30 minutes in an app to earn tickets is not feasible. I am not going to keep paying for tickets especially the chapters maybe 24. Also - earning one diamond a chapter is ridiculous when charging 12 & much more (sometime 24) a choice so you end up not using your diamonds until the end so u can choose the ending you want.


If you like games or stories of this nature, you’ll enjoy what they have for what they are worth.


I really love this app because it keeps me occupied and a place to escape to from the real world which I definitely need

Not bad

If was a quick fun read


So good!

Unfortunately, fortunately

Other than having to watch videos or buy diamonds, the stories are good!


Good app❤️😍😘🌈💐👑💙🌠👙👗🤴


I’ve been reading these interactive story apps for YEARS. But I’ve just recently downloaded this particular app. The first one I’ve downloaded was called ‘Episode’ and I loved it. Then I got into the app ‘Choices’ and loved it as well. Recently, I decided to explore other interactive apps and downloaded many Japanese apps but they all looked weird and just were weird stories in general and maybe about a week ago I came across this app and read the reviews and even though many of the reviews didn’t speak very highly of the app I still decided to give it a shot and THANK GOODNESS I DID! The first few books I read AND finished I LOOOVEEDD. They were “Calendar Girl” , “Twice the Growl” , “Inject Me Sweetly” and I’m currently on “The Rake and the Recluse” they are by far the the most erotic and steamy interactive books I’ve read from an app. And you actually get the legitimate emotions to different characters as if they’re real. It’s amazing. I’d give this app an 8 out of 5 stars if I could!!


I love this game already

Love it but

Love the app but having some problems with it freezing up 😐


This game is, as Danny Devito would say, “tresh”. And not the good type either. There’s really no real choice for players, one story I did gave you the option to change your character’s barrette and that’s it. Also, you only can choose the worst options unless you pay. For each choice. Highway robbery? Yes. A good app? No. Play a visual novel or something for a game where your choices actually matter.

Fun Enough

Wish the premier choices cost less or there were more opportunities to earn diamonds.

Won’t work

It’s not letting me play it won’t go pass the screen that says loading book 6/60 and I’ve deleted the game and redownloaded it and it’s still doing the same thing.


Very good app

Chapters interactive

Amazing game however it’s a bit annoying having to pay for gems considering the fact that you have to use them for the story.

Pretty awesome buttt

This is a pretty great! I just wish we could characterize the character We play just a little more. Other than that it’s pretty good!👍🏽


This app is amazing i love all the stories so far. I will continue to use this app as long as it’s here for usage. Thanks for creating this amazing app.😍❤️

Pretty good

I’ve played most of the story apps and this one isn't my favorite but you do get hooked on the stories and they are good

Good stories.

Some stories are very well written/played out. Overall good app

Great 👍🏾 app!

I like reading these stories and its great! It helps me get distracted when I’m bored.💯 (Log out by accident now forgot the password can’t go back in have to make new account.!!!😂😂😭🤦🏽‍♀️)


I really like this apps but there are a lot of dough guy characters in the satirizes that I’m no a fan of.


It Okay For Started

Freezing and Crashing

I was enjoying this until a couple days ago now the app crashes and freezes every time I open it. For some reason I can’t get through anywhere to anyone except on the reviews. So is there going to be an update soon so it will stop freezing and crashing everytime I open it up? I have noticed I am not the only one having this problem.

Good so far

Not bad only on chapter 2


I like one story She needs to break up with that “boyfriend” of hers and get with the main dude Like stop playing games Lmaoo


I like the app. Lots of different choices to read.


Could at least have a variety of skin tones

Enjoying the app

I like the app, it’s a simple choice game. Also I find the stories to be new, nothing over used too much.

Premium purchases

In order for the book to go the way you want it to you have to make a lot of premium purchases. Of course if you do all the free choices the book doesn’t turn out the same. Poo!! If I had an endless supply of money then I would do those purchases


This game is great! Don’t get me wrong some of the choices I want I can’t choose Bc I don’t have the diamonds or the patience to watch so many videos to get them but it’s an amazing game! You never know what’s coming next! It’s great!!!


This app is better than any other chat apps.

The stories

They aren’t to die for but there not horrible either.

Costumer support

The app is pretty great. However, customer support is slow to answer back if something major happens. There was a malfunction with my phone or something and somehow all the stories I had read/was reading were erased. Now I’m back at square one when you first get the app. I contacted support to see if there is any way it can be fixed. they answered back once but have yet to reply again. Their first suggestion didn’t help at all and now I’m left hanging. I’ve been holding off on reading. And I really don’t want to use up my tickets and time to skip through chapters I have already read. :(

Great game!!!

Great game!!!




I love all of these books!


the game is interesting, but there are so me problems that could use some work.



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