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It's ok. Would like to be able to get more diamonds at the end of each chapters. Or lessen the ones for choices. Also don't like how long it takes for new chapters and new books to come out! Way toooooooooooo long!!! Lol

Needs more stories

It has potential but I think needs better stories. Two I read weren’t bad but it just lacks good writing.


Who is this gentleman

I love the app

I’m love the game 😘

Love it

I don’t always have time to read but with short time frames it makes it easier to read

Gems not worth it

Having to spend a small fortune on gems to make the choices is tough. The writing is alright... but the gem cost is pretty ridiculous. And he choices basically do the same things. The story plays out as it wants in the end

Fantastic stories

I love choosing my way through the stories on this app. It’s super fun. There’s new chapters and books every week and I can read in between tasks!


The writing could be better and there could be more choices that you don’t have to use gems for



So Far So Good

So far the books I’ve read are pretty good. Really liked the Prince’s Benefit must read....

Better than..

The stories are different. Some misspelled words but better than some of the other apps like it.


I’m currently doing “The Cursed Prince” And so far I’m having fun. The story is fast paced and interesting. A bit formulaic but I’m not expecting Stephen King.

My story

Really love this

Good app

Good app. Keeps me hooked to see what’s next


There needs to be more races for the main character options and in the comment section I think it should be made to where we can actually comment and reply to each other, so many times I see people asking questions that I know the answer to but I can’t reply:( or atleast have the authors or writers be able to reply to the comments. The stories are really good, there’s a few on here that are so different and original compared to other stories on similar apps. I also wish it were updated more frequently every book I am reading on here hasn’t been updated in several weeks so I have nothing to read... I love the fantasy section so good and original stories!

Kitty of Virginia

Wasn’t expecting this to be so much fun.


Hey this book is good

I love it

I like it 😍


So far i like it



Pretty good

I love most of the stories, I just wish it didn’t take so many diamonds for certain decisions/outfits.


Love the story I’m reading!!


Hate that I never have enough diamonds for the choices I want but all in all it’s a good game.


Story drags a tad. Would be nice if gems and tickets were easier to earn without having to purchase.

Really good stories.

I’m really enjoying the stories.

Sonya g’s report

Amazing I love it 5 stars

I love it!



Not to bad


I love this game so much!! I can’t stop playing it, and the books are amazing!

More Stories

I low key want a sequel to the story “The Boy I Hate”. I loved that story and I want more.


I don’t like how it’s so controlled. You don’t get to choose enough. And you don’t get prizes enough to ever be able to make the story go anywhere.

Free to download in app purchasing

It’s nice to read the books & have choices but I hate that the tickets take forever to recharge if that’s what you call it. I don’t like that you have to buy diamonds to choose the better options!

Love this app!

Love this game! I’ve enjoyed the stories I’ve read so far and can’t wait for more!

Inject me sweetly

I wish there were better choices. Ans you could customize your character more


Not bad for what it is but I wish I could have better choices for less jewels

Cool app

These books keep me guessing on where the stories and the choices will go.

Predictable but marketable

Pretty much all the stories are predictable, the lead gets the guy/girl in the end, but if you love romance it’s just right for you. I like chapters because the tickets renew faster, I wish there were more chances to get diamonds though.

No choices

The game has interesting stories, however they promote choices that only occur if you pay for them. In the first 2 chapters of a story, all options had one free and one costing gems. You start with 0 gems so you either have to pay to play or have no choices.

Really liked it...

I really liked it & was caught up, totally in love with the stories I was into. Bought more tickets to keep playing & it said “transaction complete but I never got more tickets. I tried 1 more time but I still had no result. I’m not sure why it worked earlier today but not now... made me upset though. Really was enjoying it...


Wish it didn’t take so long for new releases. Would like to see more romance stories and options.

I love it

Pretty addicting, and fun.

Just three words needed to describe

I . LOVE . IT. ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️


I love this book just WOW!!

So far

So far so good! 👍🏽


I really am enjoying this, super awesome


Fun game!

Good game

Game is pretty fun, I really enjoy!


This is an amazing game I’m in love with

I think

I think it's great. There are a few stories that just .. don't really interest me, but then there are others that have me sitting on the edge of my seat. Getting diamonds is a pain though.


Fun stories to play!

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