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Choose your own adventure

This is a great app. I enjoy the interactive features. I’m usually not freaked out by mysteries, but the stories on here send chills up my spine!

Diamonds are hard to get for free

I wish you could earn more diamonds to make choices then have to buy them. Makes you only get one way through the story if you don’t pay

I love this

I love this app


Good app not too fond of the diamonds/ “premium” choices

Fun game

Fun game

Better free options

I should be able to have the option to hit Tiffany


I love the interactive stories. Wish you didn’t always need gems for certain choices.

Good so far

I wish I could have an option for ads and diamonds. But, I'm glad how there isn't a crazy overload of diamonds.


Can’t stop reading!


Such a story line love it



The Best


better than episode

i do believe that this app is better than the more used app episode.

Awesome game!!

This stories game is awesome! They give you much more of a chance to earn gems and the books so far are great!

Very addicting

I love this game just as much as I love choices!!!! But it’s highly addictive

Needs more sex

I wish it had more sex and you could walk around and have sex with people

Like this app.

This app is great. I love both this app and the app “Episode”, but they are very different. Episode has endless stories to choose from, but some are NOT well written. This app has well-written authors, and they are actually literate. I recommend this app, especially because it gives a generous amount of tickets to read throughout the day. It would be a 5-Star app IF there were more stories. Also, there aren’t many “choices” that don’t involve tickets. That’s the downside, but the reads make it worth while.


Loving this game. Just wish it was a little easier to get gems or the options not costing so many gems lol

Love these books

I look forward to reading one other each night but I have say there should be more tickets instead of just two what about 4 tickets

Awesome stories...App could be a little better

The stories are well done and fun. I don’t love having to pay for some of the options, though. Oh app.

Great story

Love love love this story!

Great but...

It’s a great game, just wish you could earn diamonds and tickets at the end of each chapter


This game is really addictive. I love reading the stories and getting a chance on how I think things should go.

Best game ever

Has beautiful story about almost everything I love it


These story’s are so good hope to see more


It’s really good game most of the stories are very interesting and enticing there’s even some steamy ones if your into that my only problem is how often I have to use gems in the stories to get something good but overall very good

This is the best game ever

I can’t get enough of this game and I’ll stay up for hours to play it and there are two mane games that are my favorite ones I haven’t played awhile so I haven’t remand much of the chapters but still an awesome game

Love this app

I love this app! I can read on here all day!


One of the best story line games I’ve ever played!

Needs more character options

I LOVE chapters! It has great stories that just pull you in. The only thing is I wish there were more options for how the character looks.

Chapters interactive stories

I really like this game, the only think that I don’t really like is how much the different outfits cost. I’ve played many different games like this, but this is by far my favorite.

Great app

I love the perks. The stories are great and keep you interested. I recommend it.


Good chapters!

The app.

This app is by far one of the best. I can’t seem to stop playing. The stories all draw you in and make you feel like you are living the story.

awesome game

This game is very usefriendly. i just love it and its kind of addictive. i just dnt feel like stopping once i start.

So so

Could be better, could be worse.

In Love...Just Not With The Diamonds

I have downloaded tons of story apps like this one. And this one is by far the best. It's the one that keeps me up all night playing it. I made my fiancé download just so we can talk about the stories. I don't even really mind the ticket thing. However, I really mind the diamonds thing. I HATE that to wear certain thing and for certain choices I have to spend my diamonds or my real money to get diamonds. I mean this would cost me a fortune with all the stories I read. Personally, I think locking certain whole stories would be a better option. I much rather spend my money buying the most popular books then spend it on the choices I want to do because you run into a million and that will cost a fortune. It also would set this story app apart from the others because I've never see any of them do that. I even talked to my mother in law who had this app and she told me she deleted it because she couldn't choose what she wanted to choose. It's the apps biggest down fall. If it was changed, I would say it's perfect and reccomend it to everyone. I mean heck even the tickets to read a chapter can make you money. There's no reason for diamonds on choices. You can also through in adds for all I care. As long as I get to choose the choice I want. Hope this doesn't fall on deaf ears. I love the app tho! A must download.



I love it!!

This game is amazing and I’ only just got it today! I love the stories that I’ve started and can’t wait t start more!


Absolutely love this app!!!

Love it!!!

I love this interactive book app!!!


Great app if you love to read and get to have input on how the story plays out.

The Red

Just started “The Red” today. Great story thus far!

Horrible scam

No point in this. DELETED! Buy $2 worth of coins or finally get enough to make a SINGLE CHOICE AND THEN ITS GONE whats the point. I dont get these games. Dont they want consumers to download their app and continue using it? Whats the point of making a single choice 17 gems? The user then loses interest in the story because they cant control it, theres no point in it at all. Its not an interactive story. Its just a story. One star to all apps like these. Especially this one because you guys think you’re being nice but it’s just plain condescending to only allow 4 gems after watching 30 secs to one minute videos. How much are you making from those ads? Enough to allow us at least a few gems per video. And if we buy the gems, itll be worthless because they run out so fast.

Great storyline

Great storyline

To pass the the time...

I live in the country so going places takes me almost like an hour to an hour and a half to get to. So when I don’t feel like driving or doing anything really exciting but I still wanna just relax I like reading these interactive stories. Specially when I read the original books and then they turn them into these inter-active stories it’s really entertaining and calming and relaxing at the same time.


I love your storylines


I am not a critic but the books that I have read are definitely enjoyable. Though if you chose wrong you can have people killed so be careful!


This is addicting.

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